Year Five

We have shared the half termly homework here to support with home learning. 

Spellings are sent home weekly in the red Homework Folder.


Autumn 1 2020


Maths – This half term we are continuing to learn all the multiplication and division facts up 12 x 12 to improve our accuracy and fluency. Please practise on TTS Rockstars where specific times tables have been set up in the ‘Garage’ and ‘Arena’ areas. Remember there are other ideas on our school website. Each week the children will be tested on their tables. These tests ask the children to quickly recall both multiplication and division facts so they need to be confident with both to improve their Rock Star status.

TTS Rockstars –


Spellings – In class, we are currently revising and applying our knowledge of plurals as well as learning space and science fiction vocabulary for our science learning. You should practise your spellings every day using the activities in the literacy booklet sent home or strategies from class. Their spelling result will be recorded in their Reading Diary.


Please see the lists sent home for your spellings. If you have learned the words on your list, you might want to challenge yourself to learn some of the other spellings on the lists.



Reading –During our lessons this week, we have been exploring and learning vocabulary. Do you always know what all the words mean in the text you are reading? Check in a dictionary or with an adult. Write about what you find out in the comment section of your reading record.


Please ensure you read for at least 20 minutes, 4 times per week, and that your reading record is signed by an adult to show this has happened. Do not forget to write the title of the book(s) you read and you (or your parents) should write a comment.


Please sign your child’s homework diary when the reading, spelling and maths homework is completed.


Topic Homework – Y5 ‘Create a Planet’


This project allows you to create your own planet that could be in our Solar System. You need to think about what your planet looks like, where it is in the Solar System and any key facts about it. You must have a way of showing us what your planet looks like and there must be a fact file alongside it to tell us key information about your planet. Please include where it would fit in the Solar System, how far away it is from the sun, how long it takes to orbit the sun (its year) and any other useful information e.g. if it is a planet which has life on it.


This task should be handed in by Wednesday 14th October 2020.


Your planet design can be presented in any way you choose e.g. a poster, a 3D sculpture and you can be as creative as you want with it. You can choose the format you wish to use for the accompanying fact file e.g. it can be handwritten or typed on the computer. You may wish to include illustrations, facts, questions and answers etc. It needs to be bright and eye catching. The writing must be clear and neat with correct spelling. Remember we have shared our expectations for this project with you and ideas to help you get started.



Parents and Carers


Please ensure you sign your child’s homework diary when the homework is completed. If there are any concerns about the time spent on homework, please come and discuss this with your child’s class teacher.