Year Four

We have shared the half termly homework here to support with home learning. 

Spellings are sent home weekly in the red Homework Folder.


Autumn 2 2020


TTS Rockstars –

This half term, we are continuing with ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’. Your child has already been sent their log-on details. If you play in the Garage or the Arena, you will be focussing on tables set by us (x3, x4, x8 etc ) but if you play elsewhere the questions will go up to 12 x 12.


Reading – Please ensure you read for at least 20 minutes, at least 4 times per week, and that your reading record is signed by an adult to show this has happened. Don’t forget to write the title of the book(s) you read and you (or your parents) should write a comment.


Spellings – 

You will be tested on your list of spellings on a Wednesday. You should practise your spellings every day using the activities in the literacy booklet sent home or strategies from class. If you want more practise, you can look at to revise Year 2 spelling rules and visit Year 3 and 4 spelling rules.


If you are confident that you can spell the words you are given, then write 3 sentences including a word from the list. Choose a different word for each sentence.


A Special Journey 


This term, we have been learning about amazing journeys that people have taken spiritually, here our school values have been shown. We learnt about Shackleton’s incredible journey to the pole, JK Rowling’s difficult journey to success, and Nelson Mandela’s long and journey to eradicate segregation, and his fight for equality.  Your project is to research a person’s journey to achieve a particular goal. This project could be about a person you admire, a hero or heroine, a historical figure or a person who is alive now and might even still be on that journey now.  You could possibly choose a sports person, a scientist, an explorer, an environmentalist, a war hero or an engineer. The project might be about somebody you know, who has been on a journey which is not well known, a relative or friend, or about a stranger, who you admire, are interested in and have read or heard about. 


Your project could be in the form of a poster, a mind map (with diagrams), a fact file, a diary or a PowerPoint presentation. You can include pictures and photos.  


What information should I include?

1.  Background :

Who is your project about? Where are they from?  Why are you creating a project about them? 


2. The Journey :

What was the journey? What was the goal? How, when and where did it start? What were the events? What were the obstacles? What was the inspiration for the person you have researched? How were the obstacles overcome? 


3. What has been the impact of the journey they have been on? This can be personal, emotional or a bigger picture e.g. global impact 


4. How have our school values been demonstrated by this person or through their journey? How has this person inspired you? 


Please share your completed project with us by Monday 14th December. These can be uploaded on the class dojo. We look forward to seeing and sharing your projects in class.