School Uniform

School uniform can be purchased from LinkUp.  Please click on the link below:


Important COVID-19 Update May 2020

Message from Managing Director – LINKUP

The current lockdown, retail restrictions and social distancing have forced us to revise our operations. 

With that in mind LINKUP will be providing uniform online only until further notice. All orders will be posted, there will be no option to collect.

As all orders will be online please can you ensure that the links to uniform on your website and/or new starter forms are up to date. This is the link to your uniform

From 1st June 2020 our staff will be returning to process all online orders. Orders placed during lockdown will be prioritised.

We are very grateful for your support as always. If you have any questions, please contact us at or or phone 01252 343127  

The uniform consists of:

Boys’ Uniform

  • Wine coloured crew neck sweatshirt with school logo
  • White polo shirt with or without school logo
  • Maroon fleece badged with school logo
  • Grey or Black Trousers
  • Grey or Black Shorts
  • Grey or white socks
  • Sensible black school shoes (no trainers)

Girls’ Uniform

  • Wine coloured crew neck sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • White polo shirt with or without school logo
  • Maroon fleece badged with school logo
  • Grey pleated pinafore dress, pleated skirt, grey or black trousers
  • Red checked dress (summer only)
  • Sensible black school shoes (no trainers)
  • Grey or white socks
  • Grey tights (in winter)

Please note that the St. Michael’s logo school fleeces can be worn in place of the school sweatshirt or cardigan.


PE is a legal requirement of the curriculum.  Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school every day.

  • House colour T shirt (if your child does not have a House T shirt, then your child needs to wear a T shirt (non logo) which is in their House colour)
  • School sweatshirt or fleece only – no non-uniform sweatshirt and no hoodies please.
  • Black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms.
  • Trainers – these should be worn on PE days only.

Optional items for Year 6 only

  • White shirt.
  • School tie (available from LinkUp)

Water bottles, PE bags and book bags can also be purchased from LinkUp.

All belongings, including all items of school uniform, must be clearly labelled please. If your child mislays an item, please look through the lost property box. The school keeps lost property for a short period of time and clears it at the end of each half-term.


Long hair must be tied back during the school day. Please use plain headbands, clips or bobbles that complement the school uniform.


Children are allowed to wear a plain small wrist watch and/or plain small studs for earrings. Pupils with earrings must remove them for PE. Other items of jewellery are not permissible in school.

Head Dress

The school recognises that some faiths require a headdress to be worn and this is, of course, perfectly acceptable.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are not allowed in school. We do understand that there may be a need for a child who walks to and from school independently to be contactable. If this is the case please contact the school office. We would not expect this to be the case for a child in Year 3 or Year 4.